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HEALTH-PRO makes a total commitment to fill the needs of our clients according to their perception of what would be the most helpful. To that conclusion, we offer flexibility in scheduling services that apply to the entire household (not just the client). We offer 24/7 availability for both services and communication, as well as a willingness to replace staff that does not meet or fit the clients’ expectations.

HEALTH-PRO also has a reputation for being a resource for a wealth of information to help both clients and families meet all their needs — even when it does not directly apply to services we provide. We Share information that we know will make the caregivers work easier and the client more comfortable, which is a way of adding value, consistency and quality of services.


When your elderly parents live alone, there are many things that can be done to make general housekeeping and personal care easier. Many household items in supermarkets and drug stores are specifically geared toward those who are not able to do heavy work at home.

Dusting cloths on easy to maneuver handles can even be used by those in wheelchairs. Small sweepers that pick up debris and dust are also easy to use and are inexpensive, too. Disinfecting sprays are a must in the households of the elderly. Keeping germs at bay will make for healthier individuals. Always remind your elderly loved ones to often use spray around toilets and sinks. Germ killers and sanitizers should be in every home.

Shower and tub safety is a major concern for the elderly living alone or with family. Non-skid mats and handrails should be in every bathroom. A good idea, also, is to set the water heater temperature as low as possible to avoid burns in the tub or shower. There are several types of life alert systems that can be provided for your loved one and HEALTH-PRO can assist with selecting one. Contact HEALTH-PRO today at 252-364-8114.

In the kitchen, a microwave and easy to heat prepared meals can be wonderful time savers. Nutritious meals are in supermarkets at an extremely reasonable price. Paper plates and cups cut down the need for dishwashing. Pre-wash salad and vegetable trays make a healthy diet more attainable for the elderly with some limited abilities.

If you would like a free evaluation and consultation about care for yourself or your elderly or disabled loved one, contact HEALTH-PRO today at 252-364-8114.


Has the time arrived that you or your family members can no longer provide adequate care for your elderly loved one? So many families are faced with this question every day. For some, a facility is an option, but HEALTH-PRO can be an alternative for some families, even if only for a short time.

There are no clear guidelines for which decision is best. Every individual and situation is different and there are many issues to consider. Many families are simply not equipped to care for a loved one who has become bedridden or requires care for bladder or bowel incontinence. Sometimes, even if the caregivers are available, the home environment is not set up to allow for access to the bathroom or for safe mobility with a walker. Often, doorways do not allow wheelchair access or steps throughout the home limit where a person with disabilities from a stroke or severe arthritis can go safely. Many kitchens are no longer safe for a person with deteriorating eyesight, an altered sense of smell, or short-term memory problems that might cause them to forget how to use appliances or not remember that they have turned on the stove.

HEALTH-PRO can assist families to evaluate the entire situation and determine the feasibility of staying at home with appropriate and creatively used support services. Often, it is surprising how just a little assistance (if given at the right time of day and for the appropriate needs) can make a big difference. HEALTH-PRO has an experienced team that does not hesitate to offer suggestions for use of other community resources in addition to personal care aides, companions, sitters, homemakers, and other personal helpers they have available. Because of their commitment to the needs of the client, HEALTH-PRO will also not hesitate to recommend facility placement if their assessment determines that is in the best interest of the client and/or the family. Families in North Carolina and surrounding areas rely on HEALTH-PRO as a trusted consultant, provider of dependable and non-skilled/skilled services, and a true advocate for the needs of the elderly and disabled.

For more information contact HEALTH-PRO today at 252-364-8114.


Some elderly do very well in caring for themselves to the very end of their lives. But many times, the physical and mental changes brought on by disease and aging prevent them from independently maintaining their health and safety. Some signs of the need for a caregiver include:

  • The need for assistance with meals and cooking
  • Increasing problems with balance and mobility
  • Issues regarding taking medications appropriately
  • Memory problems that affect their daily activities
  • Bladder or bowel incontinence that is poorly managed
  • Issues of cleanliness of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Increasing difficulty with shopping and transportation
  • Problems with housekeeping tasks that require bending or stooping
  • Loneliness and problems with accessing social and recreational activities
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Once it has been determined that outside help would be beneficial, there are important qualities to look for in the choice of caregivers. While you may use teenagers or friends to care for a toddler, the choice of an adult sitter requires someone with special skills and personality. Not only must they be trustworthy, but they must have strong judgment skills. They must be diplomatic, respectful, patient, and personable. They must have the physical strength and training to assist with any hands-on care needs and be able to identify potential or developing problems. You can breathe a sigh of relief if you have chosen HEALTH-PRO Homecare Services to assist you with your caregiver needs. Our staff possesses all of the qualities needed to care for your loved one and know how to make the entire process a pleasant one for both the client and their family. We truly are “That Someone You Were Hoping To Find.”


Sometimes, families work so hard at making sure all of the physical needs of their elderly parents are being met that they forget about the need for attention and emotional support. We forget that as our parents’ abilities to take care of their health and environment begin to falter so do their skills and abilities for socialization and interaction. Many elderly are fortunate to still have their spouse for companionship but nevertheless are becoming increasingly isolated from their community because of transportation issues or a lack of physical endurance. Widowed parents are even more at risk for loneliness and depression. The ever-increasing fast pace of the world is often bewildering and overpowering for the elderly or disabled whose mobility is slower, whose hearing is sometimes diminished, and whose eyesight is altered. Many elderly have outlived most of their friends, are no longer able to participate in the organizations that they supported for years, and even find it difficult to get to church on a regular basis. They turn more and more to family members to help meet their emotional needs, yet these same family members may be already overwhelmed as they try to take care of their loved ones home, yard, bills, doctor appointments, and shopping. Meeting the emotional and socialization needs of an elderly person and making them feel special and valued can often be accomplished very simply.

  • Visits or phone calls that are unhurried with time as well as talk
  • Lunches or dinners at their favorite restaurants
  • Small treats such as flowers or favorite food
  • Transportation to visit with friends or family or go to church
  • Visits to parks or to sit by the water
  • Rides in the country or trips to the store to select their own food or clothing
  • For the visually impaired, having greeting cards, books, or even the newspaper read to them

All of these things are taken for granted by the young and healthy but may be welcomed treats for the elderly or disabled. If you cannot do these things yourself (as much as you would love to!), HEALTH-PRO Homecare Services can help. Our wonderful staff of responsible, dependable, caring people can assist with the social needs of your loved one as well as the needs for personal care services. In so many ways, “we are that someone you were hoping to find.” For more information call HEALTH-PRO today at 252-364-8114.